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Class Descriptions
Base Classes


Silks is one of the most commonly recognised aerial apparatuses. Learn how to hold yourself up within the silks, whilst twisting wrapping and turning into an endless amount of possible skills.


Learn the basics of silks, starting with how to climb and suspend yourself in the air. This class requires no previous skill or training and is perfect for someone looking for a new inverted form of fitness.

Kids (8-16yrs) Monday 4pm

Adults Friday 6:10pm

Have previous aerial silks experience? 
Check out our different levels on our timetable. In these level class, individual students will be given skills appropriate for their level. Keeping you safe and challenged, while progressing your skill knowledge more each week. 

Aerial Silks


Often mistaken for a hula hoop in the air, lyra has a lot of names to go by; aerial hoop, ring, cerceau, "that metal thing you hang off".

As you progress through levels you will learn how to use all parts of the lyra, whether that be by hanging, swinging or rolling around it. 


Learn how to invert yourself upside down, and hang like you did as a child on the playground. Build strength as you explore the many poses and positions you can create in the air. With no previous experience required, there's no excuse not to give it a go.

Kids (8-16yrs) Monday 4pm

Adults Friday 6:10pm


Completed a lyra course before? Check out our timetable for different level classes. In level classes, individual students will be given skills appropriate for their level. Keeping you safe and challenged, while progressing your skill knowledge more each week. 

Aerial Lyra

Specialty classes

Flexi Flyer - 4 week course

This is a floor and aerial based class, focusing on improving flexibility and finding ways to showcase that in the air. The first half of the class involves an intensive stretch, learning how to maximise your flexibility safely. Once you're completely warmed up and feeling nice and bendy we move on to the aerial equipment, and create incredible bendy moves in the air. 

This class uses both silks and lyra, alternating throughout the weeks. There is no minimum flexibility requirement, everyone will work within their own range. This class is not suitable for absolute beginners to aerials. 

Tricky Transitions - Lyra 4 week course

This lyra class is all about finding new fun ways to move through skills. Explore how many possibilities there are and ways you can mix up your routines with funky new movements and transitions. 

This class is not suitable for beginners. 



Chorey Chorey Chorey! - 4 week cours

You guessed it - this class is all about choreography. Learn a new mini routine every week. This class is less about the hard skills, and more about flowing through simple tricks, working on picking up timing cues and training your endurance. 

Wrapology - Silks 4 week course

Ever wondered how different wraps on silks work and keep you safe? In wrapology we break down the parts of wraps and explain how they all work. Once you understand why we use certain wraps you'll learn how to get creative and find new ways to enter into the more commonly used wraps and positions.  

Stubborn Skills - Silks & Lyra 4 week cours

You know those skills that are so close but you just haven't mastered them yet? This class is designed exactly to work on them. Mill circles, forward rolls, drops, dead hang, ninja straddles etc. These tricks all take a lot of work and understanding to truly master. In Stubborn Skills you pick the moves you need to work on and the instructor is there to give you all the extra tips and tricks you need to lock those moves in for good. Not everyone is going to be stuck on the same skill, so the class will be divided into silks or lyra, and each student will get their own one-on-one time with the instructor throughout the class.

Aerial-nastics - Silks, Lyra & Ground 4 week cours

Aerials + Gymnastics = Aerial-nastics!

Come and live out your gymnastics dreams, but with an aerial twist on it! Learn to flip, spin and roll just like a gymnast, only this time using aerial equipment. Both Silks and Lyra will be used in this course, so experience on at least 1 of these apparatuses is a must. 

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