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At Inverted Aerials we run classes for children 8yrs and up, right through to adults. Our classes are based on sequential learning following our in depth syllabus. This way you can be sure you're learning safely and comfortably while always progressing. 

New to Aerials?

Trust us when we say that there really is no previous sporting experience required to sign up for an aerial class. Our beginner classes are designed just for that! 

We'll guide you through the basics and teach you everything you need to get started. As you progress through the term you'll get to learn exciting new tricks, while also naturally increasing your strength and flexibility. 

We have multiple Beginner classes available perfect for first timers!


Beginner Silks and Lyra - Friday 6:10-7:10pm


Beginner Silks and Lyra - Monday 4-5pm


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